Podcast Fan Diction general info

2015-06-29 11:19:06 by freshyjazz

So crazily, we've had more listens to our podcast here on Newgrounds than anywhere else, which is kind of insane given I pay $15 a month to a provider to pimp our show out. But regardless, thought I should mention where people can listen to our show, or see status updates, or generally just see random crap.

We have a youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXj21r65pKSlME2SLfGPoHw

We hope to do more with that in the future, maybe play some dating sims on camera. At 500 subs we can have our name in the url.

Twitter: twitter.com/Fan_Diction

And of course you can still listen to our first two episodes here on newgrounds, like over 300 people already have. Thanks again, by the way.

My co-host and I are moving close to each other soon, so no more driving three hours to record. We can hopefully release an episode every two weeks instead of once a month at best.






Fan Diction Podcast 2

2015-06-05 17:02:07 by freshyjazz

Hey guys!

We made it to a second episode of Fan Diction! Find it in the podcast section of this site! Longer and better than ever. I don't really have much to say except we're having a lot of fun doing this. Uhh...

Hey look its me and Tom Fulp at Magfest. Wooooooo...


Podcast incoming

2015-02-26 11:21:19 by freshyjazz

I have loved Newgrounds for over 10 years. How fortuitious it is that Tom Fulp just announced a podcast category here. The podcast Fan Diction, a loving reading of fan-fiction of the mostly bad variety, is set for recording within a week. I have decided Newgrounds will receive her first. Other social media will follow, the soundclouds, the twitters, etc., but this site has shaped my life and still remained pretty relevant as an adult. Hell, I just took a picture with Tom Fulp at a panel with Stamper and a bunch of NG folks. Flash is my family. I wrote a blog about Flash for Uni over the course of months.

I can't promise Fan Diction will come out with any regularity. Once a month at least. If it works and people like it, we'll find a way to record over the 'net. I move in with my co-host around August, anyway.

Message me with any ideas or suggestions for podcasts to read. Trolls will be assaulted by Tricky the Clown.

I, Jazz, am a very confused fledgling blogger.

While I enjoy Flash, I am rapidly running out of intelligent topics. Frankly, it sucks so far.

But I am under the impression that using the awesome power of the Newgrounds community and the nature of the interwebs, inspiration will be rained down upon me.

In other words, I am always open to suggestion. I hate to beg, but...

Are there any good blogs about Flash that you guys think are cool? Flashes that serve a specific purpose well? Controversies, high-art pieces, useful tools rendered in the form of flash that better the world or the internet community?

Basically, have you ever seen a flash that makes you think or feel? That changes you in some small way?

I like to write about trends in the Flash world. For example, these carbon-copy games being spewed out by the same company with slightly altered graphics. Or, the nature of copyrights and self-regulation.

I have so much enthusiasm for the subject. But without a connection with a potential audience, all is lost. PM me, email me, comment here or the blog below. And if I get dick jokes, goatse, tub girl, meat spin, gay jokes, or racism, I may be disappointed but not surprised.

After all, there's no such thing as bad press, right?


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