Entry #4

Podcast Fan Diction general info

2015-06-29 11:19:06 by freshyjazz

So crazily, we've had more listens to our podcast here on Newgrounds than anywhere else, which is kind of insane given I pay $15 a month to a provider to pimp our show out. But regardless, thought I should mention where people can listen to our show, or see status updates, or generally just see random crap.

We have a youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXj21r65pKSlME2SLfGPoHw

We hope to do more with that in the future, maybe play some dating sims on camera. At 500 subs we can have our name in the url.

Twitter: twitter.com/Fan_Diction

And of course you can still listen to our first two episodes here on newgrounds, like over 300 people already have. Thanks again, by the way.

My co-host and I are moving close to each other soon, so no more driving three hours to record. We can hopefully release an episode every two weeks instead of once a month at best.







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